Physicians' MultiVitamin Complex 90 Caplets


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  • Compare your current multi vitamin formula to our Physician's Multi Vitamin Formula -- a potent combination of over sixty (60) vitamins, minerals and supplements including:

    LUTEIN - a carotenoid that is typically found in combination with its stereoisomer, zeaxanthin. They are the two major carotenoids found as a pigment in the human macula and retina. They are thought to function as antioxidants and as a blue light filter. Epidemiological evidence associates high dietary lutein intake with increased support for healthy eyes and eye sight even as we age.

    Does your current multi have Lutein?

    LYCOPENE - the pigment that gives tomatoes their red color. It has antioxidant activity, scavenging free radicals and quenching singlet oxygen.

    Does your current multi have Lycopene?

    PLUS: Selenium, Bilberry, Pycnogenol, Grape Seed Extract, Green Tea Extract and much, much more.