Probiotic (10 Billion CFU) with FOS (500 mg)


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• Shelf Stable

• 5 Strains

• Supports Healthy Digestive and Immune Systems

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  • This broad-spectrum probiotic is guaranteed to provide 10 billion CFUs (colony forming units) in every vege-capsule throughout the product expiration date thanks to a unique microencapsulation process.  This microencapsulation protects the probiotic strains from gastric juices by coating them with a glycerin fatty acid ester, ensuring a survival rate 5 times higher than uncoated probiotic strains!  In addition to 5 strains of probiotics, HTN’s Microencapsulated Probiotic also contains 500mg of FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) as a prebiotic, which provides key nutrients for beneficial intestinal bacteria, stimulating growth of friendly flora. 

    With our body’s natural probiotic levels decreasing as we age, and as we encounter environmental stressors, let HTN help you get your GI system back on track!  Our Microencapsulated Probiotic with FOS is shelf-stable for your convenience and made in a certified cGMP facility in the USA.  It is also free of milk or milk by-products, egg or egg by-products, fish or fish by-products, shellfish or shellfish by-products, tree nuts, wheat or wheat by-products, peanut or peanut by-products, and soybeans and soy by-products and is also gluten free.